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Natural Care For Natural Curls

Our Story

At KC Liquid Gold, our family-owned and operated business is built on Christian values that prioritize sustainability and natural ingredients. All our products are made with love and care using locally sourced organic ingredients. Our plant-based hair care line is designed to cater to all hair types, leaving you with healthy, vibrant and beautiful hair. Our mission is to ensure that every customer who uses our products feels the love and care we put into each bottle and the appreciation we have for God’s creations.


KC Liquid Gold Hair Studio

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Hair Consultation

For those who want to return natural and need guidance on where to start.


Natural Hair Salon

Please message us on 0815936940 to book an appointment. Specialising in Detoxing, Treatments, Trims, Big Chops, Styling etc


There are times when I feel as though I won’t make it or that I should just give up because let’s face it, it’s not easy trying to break through into an already saturated industry. But then the Lord sends these little angels to reassure me to focus on my goals and the path He has set out for me, a path to help others and I’m reminded it’s not about me but about us... my goal is to motivate and educate as many woman in my path to feel the joy in embracing her natural God given beauty 💛Thank you for sharing your stories with me and allowing me to share them with others🙏🏼


These are day 4 old twists and still going strong! My hair is so soft and moisturised!!! My hair loooooves your products, it just all soaks in! I've been dying to try them out and now there's no looking back! Im obsessed...

Shani Prince


My natural hair journey began in May 2021. That's when I started transitioning. Since then, I have been using KC Liquid Gold products and my hair is loving it... Wash days have never felt so good, my hair feels nourished from root to tip! The Rosa Recipes Range smells great and my hair is healthier and stronger. This has been an amazing journey and I thank the lady who is behind making the good food for our natural curls and coils, Thank You Kristy Canham

Denise Moodley


These products are everything your natural hair needs plus they won't disrupt your hormones! KC Liquid Gold is the only brand I use on my hair because I know for sure that every ingredient is safe and lovingly selected by owner/ceo kurly_girl_kristy, who is just as passionate about health and natural living as I am!

Dr Carmen James

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39 Beaunoir Avenue, Austerville, 4052

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