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7 Steps to Help You Start that Natural Journey!!!

I know, I know, easier said than done.... But guess what?! It has been done!!! And it was just as daunting for us as it is for you... But we got you! One thing for sure, a natural queen is always willing and excited to help another queen fix her crown!!!

So, where do you start? I think now is the perfect time! Yea, its winter, I get it. Hear me out... Sometimes we feel to start the natural journey, immediately a Big Chop is required. Well No! Although Chopping the damaged and frail ends off can be quite invigorating, it can also cause lots of anxiety. This is where winter plays in your favour!!!

So here are 7 Steps which I think can be quite beneficial if this is the route you are wanting of take...

Step 1: Look at your hair and LOVE her!!! She is at her weakest and needs you now more than ever.

Step 2: REFRAIN from using HEAT and CHEMICALS on your tresses. These are the #1 killers of curls :(

Step 3: Invest in some wholesome natural hair care. Think of it as feeding your hair as you would your body when you're starting that Healthy Lifestyle. Remember not all products for natural hair are natural... but that's a topic for another day.

Step 4: Start off with just a trim, depending on when your last trim was though. Try and trim your ends every 3 months until you are ready to chop it off.

Step 5: Protective styling is your BFF... And this is why I say, use the winter months to your advantage. If you think about it, we already need to keep our tresses protected from the wind and cold dry air, they suck the moisture out of your hair, leaving it brittle, weak and prone to breakage. Try keeping the style in for 4-6 weeks and when you take them down, your hair would of had a chance to rest, grow, and glow!

Step 6: VERY Important!!! Do not forget to moisturize your hair and scalp atleast every 2 -3 days. Use a liquid to add moisture and a butter or oil to seal in moisture. Massaging the scalp is very beneficial for hair growth.

Step 7: Remember that we are all different. What works for some, might not work for you. Use the guidelines given but see what your hair responds to. One thing for sure, you will be taught patience. It is a beautiful process, Enjoy it!

Much Love Curlies


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