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Bio Individuality... It's a thing!!!

Be You Girl, I cannot stress this enough... You are Be"You"tiful just the way you are and that is why you need to find out whats works for you, your hair, your health, your skin and your mental well being!

Bio Individuality means that there is no one size fits all diet! Each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements. We have personal differences in anatomy, metabolism, body composition and cell structure. All these influence our overall health.

Imagine if we all ate the same way, dressed the same way, exercised the same way and behaved the same way all of the time! It just wouldn't make sense. Yes, there are certain things that we can do similarly or follow certain guidelines on how things are done. But to just simply live and exist exactly the same as someone else is very unrealistic!

So why do we often feel that we need to follow to the T certain techniques, certain styles or certain products that we see people using on a daily basis? Most often, we don't get the same results that those individuals experience because our cell structure is different and this can become very demotivating and frustrating.

If we simply listen to our bodies, they let us know what we need. Your body tells you when you are craving certain foods. It might not be the meal per se that your body needs but the nutrients that meal provides.

In the same way if you listen to your hair, do some trial and error, switch things up a bit and you'll be surprised at the results. All your hair is asking is that you love her just the way she is and that you feed wholesome nutrients into those strands. The more natural, the better!

Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised...

Much Love Curlies


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