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Colder Weather Hair Care Tips

In a few short weeks, Autumn will be in full swing, and before you know it, Roll on Winter! Now, even though here in the Southern Hemisphere we don't experience harsh weathers and temps dropping. It can still get a lil chilly or us and our hair.

Did you know that changes in the weather also have an impact on your hair? If you're following me, you would remember my recent post on Instagram (@kurly_girl_kristy) The humidity did me dirty and wrecked havoc on my curls... But on a more positive note, The sun, which offers up Vit D, is beneficial in that it helps create new hair follicles!!! Who would of thought!

Now with the colder seasons approaching, we need to start preparing our hair. Winter can be very hard on our hair. Dry air, Cold and Harsh weather can cause your hair to get dehydrated. This will make your strands more prone to breakage. But all is not lost, I've always stated that winter is perfect for starting your natural journey and transitioning. So here's a few tips to help you along...

1. Protective Styling...

Let your hair rest, tuck away those ends and let your scalp breath. Try out hairstyles like twists, box braids, feedins, cornrows etc. Just make sure that not to much tension is put on your scalp and edges. Use the paths in your new hairdo to massage your scalp often to get that blood pumping. But don't forget this very important step... prepping your hair! In this step, you'd need to up your moisture game which brings us to our next tip!

2. Deep Conditioning...

You do not want to sleep on this very important step!!! I cannot stress it enough... Deep Condition! Deep Condition! Deep Condition! The colder months mean that the air is drier and lacks humidity, hence drying our your hair. And when styling your hair, use our next tip to seal in that moisture...

3. Use the LOC Method

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, its simply the process of styling your hair by using the following 3 products Liquid, Oil, Cream/Custard. The liquid in this step must be a water based product, (I personally like using the rose water or pineapple spritzer to boost hydration and then add a pump of moisture with the coconut cream leave in). Once your hair has been moisturized, you then need to seal in that moisture by adding an oil/butter. When styling hair, remember, liquid moisturizes and oils seals. If you apply oil onto dry hair you're defeating the purpose. Lastly, finish off those curls with a curl custard or curl cream for added benefits and nutrients but also to define your curl pattern if that's what you're going for. But always remember...

4. Never go into the cold with wet hair

And no its not because your grandma said you will catch a cold lol (just kidding, listen to your grandma, they're the best!) Simply put, on colder days, there's lots of risk going outside with your hair wet because your hair strands are more vulnerable when wet. This could cause unnecessary breakage. So dry you hair with a microfibre towel or on very very low heat. And lastly,

5. Always protect your hair with Satin

In the colder months, lots of us like to use headwraps and turbans etc to keep our heads warm, to protect our hair from the rain and wind, or maybe we just delaying wash day. But don't forget to use a satin scarf first! Just covering your hair with cotton will cause friction resulting in split ends and and broken hearts.

I hope these 5 tips were beneficial for you, If you'd like to get your hands on some of these products that can assist you as well, go ahead and follow us @liquidgoldhairess , there will be an awesome giveaway soon! The competition will only be run on the Instagram platform.

Bye for now Curlies


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