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Growing Your Natural Hair

I have heard the phrase, "my hair just won't grow" or "my hair stops growing at this length" so many times. The truth of the matter is, your hair grows just like your nails! The only difference is that you may be experiencing hair loss and breakage at the same rate or even at a higher rate than that of your hair growth.

Tips on how to retain length and encourage Growth

* Massaging your scalp between 2-3 times a week at night with our oil is very beneficial. Scalp massaging awakens the hair follicles and gets the blood bumping, encouraging growth and thickening.

*Low manipulative hairstyles like twists, buns, or braids are awesome, as long as not too much tension is put on your edges.

*Keep your hair moisturized; it would be pointless having protective styling but not taking care of your hair. Try to replenish lost moisture by spritzing your hair with our coconut leave in or rose water every 3rd day.

*Plan your wash days... Set time aside to prepoo and detangle your hair. This will limit your hair breakage and loss. Always work in sections, and only comb your hair out when it has either conditioner or deep conditioner on that has excellent slip.

*Lastly, When you're sleeping or just lounging at home, keep your hair protected under a satin bonnet or scarf. Satin helps your hair retain its moisture and also prevents friction from cotton pillow cases that cause snapping and split ends.

I hope this helps... If you have any other questions or tips, please comment below.

Much Love


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