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Hair loss, Our Biggest Nightmare...

Loosing hair or shedding , is inevitable. On average we shed around 80 strands a day! That's a lot, right? I know! But the thing is, with normal shedding there is no stress or fear attached; most of the time we don't even notice. Fear creeps in when one morning you're styling your hair, and big clumps leave your head along with your brush...

There are many reasons one could have excess shedding. For some it's genetics, but in most cases it's reactive. Reactive hair loss means that there is something which is triggering your hair loss. This often occurs as an imbalance caused by illness, lack of proper nutrition, and stress!

Hair loss is a very sensitive issue; a woman prides herself on her glorious crown. So, seeing it wash down the drain can and will be very stressful. And with stress being one of the top factors in hair loss, stressing over it is not helpful at all.

So here's a few tips that might help get your tresses strong and confident again...

1. Find the Cause of your Hair Loss

Is it due to illness, hormone imbalance, thyroid issues, change in diet, age, etc

2. Look at ways to Heal your Body from the Inside

Every 35 days our bodies regenerate themselves. Our skin, our liver,

and new cells are all made from the foods we had eaten. Try adding more whole foods into your diet, as well as protein rich foods (hair is made of proteins) and most importantly, don't forget to drink your water!!!

3. Choose Self Care Products that are Natural

All of the products that we use on our hair and skin ultimately get absorbed into our blood stream. Often without us knowing, these products contain ingredients that could be affecting our hormones and causing the imbalance. Estrogen (female hormone) is our BFF for hair growth. Male hormones, Androgen's are not very friendly for hair growth regulating.

4. And Finally... Styling!

Be as gentle as possible. That up style or fancy hair do might look cayoot sis, but don't do it. You'll only be sacrificing those tresses. Give your hair time to rest and breathe, also remember that moisture is your friend!

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