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It's Never Too Late To Start

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

This is Azariah, my then five year old lil girl... the evening before her first relaxer 😭 Azariah had the most beautiful hair, thick, luscious and healthy... unfortunately, me being a young mother at the time, had no idea of how to manage it. Wash days would be an absolute nightmare... she cried so much because her scalp was so tender 😫 she also suffered with headaches because of the amount of hair she had on her lil head. Eventually, we gave in and started relaxing and blow drying it hoping it will become more manageable.... eventually five years down the line, this thick mane was no more 😢😢😢 what had I done? Her hair was thin, dry, broken and lifeless. This amongst other things, gave rise to liquid gold... I set out on a journey to find natural products that could restore what I had damaged. We transitioned for a year before her big chop, and what a chop it was... She was left with a teeny weeny afro, but it was all natural and that was our goal 💫 Slowly but surely, we are getting back to what she was Blessed with, remember, It’s never too late to start.

#naturalhairjourney #transitioninghair

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