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What Curlfriends Say About KC Liquid Gold

"Before using Liquid Gold, my hair was brittle and thinning due to health reasons. My hair would feel weak and would snap easily without even combing it. Since using your products, my hair feels so much better. It doesn't feel weak, it shines, feels strong and it is growing. Thank you so much KC for your handmade goodness."


"In December, I decided that was the last time I would relax my hair. Besides being tired of getting burned from the relaxer, I also found that my hair was thinning, falling and was very fragile. I then decided to go totally natural and have a big chop. It was really nerve-wrecking, as I did not know if it would suit me and after much deliberation, I decided to just do it. A friend of mine had decided that I try the KC Liquid Gold range. My hair has never been healthier, more defined, natural curls and stronger than it is now. I recommend the KC Liquid Gold range to everyone. I patiently await your shampoo."


"When I smelt each individual product initially, I didn't think it was going to go down well- they all smelt so different. But then I started using each product, as instructed, and now I see how well they compliment each other. I have only used my hands for detangling and for taking out knots. I am more than certain that your products have made it so easy. They have wowed me. I'm one happy customer and you definitely have my business in future."


Thank you so much KC, since using your African Black Soap Shampoo along with the other products, I no longer have my hair falling in bunches.


My Hair is doing Amazing things... Keep doing the Lord's work KC.


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